Red Bank Middle School


Micah Gentry

Spanish teacher for all grades at RBMS since 2008.

RBMS Spanish Syllabus

8th-High school credit course-student needs to finish with at least a 70% through 2 quarters/EOC

6th and 7th-Exploratory Spanish class preparing students for high school Spanish coursework. 


Prepare students for higher levels of Spanish instruction to follow in high school. 



 1. Students will come to class on time and be in their seats working on the daily warm up by the time the door closes for class to start. 

2. Students will be prepared for class with the required materials and supplies, including their charged chromebook.

3. Students will actively participate in all class activities and homework assignments.

4. Students are expected to show respect at all times. (Others/property/teacher)

5. Students will remain in their seat unless they have permission to move around.

6. Students are not permitted to be on their chromebooks unless given permission. 

7. Students are not permitted to chew gum or eat/drink during class. 

8. Follow all other school rules and guidelines



  1. Warning along with documentation of activity. 

  2. Silent Lunch/Parent contact

  3. Behaviour referral



50% classroom participation activities

50% quizzes and tests

In class: 65 minutes

Warm ups: This is a quick task to review previous material that needs to be completed every class meeting.  All warm ups are to be held by the students for the entire quarter in a folder/notebook that should be brought to each class. (5 min)

Cultural/Current affair article reading/writing:This is a daily quick read and write to be completed in English. These are to be completed under the warm up each day in the student’s notebook/folder. (10-15 min)

Daily instruction:Spanish instruction in Spanish practicing new vocabulary, grammar concepts, and pronunciation for future assessments. (10-15 minutes)

Practice: Students will be graded on their participation within the practice portion. (15 mins)

Check out assessment:This is a similar task to the warm up that will assess their grasp on the clear learning target. Daily work is reviewed in the students’ notebook at this time. (5-10 mins)

Classroom resources

Useful links for study materials can be found on the RBMS home page ( under teacher websites. 

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