Red Bank Middle School

Dress Code

RBMS Dress Code 2021-2022

While striving to allow students the opportunity for choice, the priority of dress code is for school dress to be modest and decent.  In matters of opinion, the judgement of administration will prevail.


  • Writing and pictures must be appropriate--must not depict drug, alcohol, tobacco, sex or gangs.
  • Size appropriate--no undersized shirts or crop tops, shirts must be able to be tucked in.  
  • Must have sleeves--no exposed shoulders.
  • Must be modest--no sheer tops, no cleavage or bare midriff, etc.

Pants or Shorts

  • All pants are allowed as long as there is no skin showing, rips and tears are allowed as long as the skin underneath is covered.  
  • Shorts need be at an appropriate length, minimum length just above the knee.
  • No sagging--pants must be worn at waist, no underclothing may show.


  • Heavy coats and jackets must be removed and stowed in a locker during the school day.
  • Only lightweight jackets, sweatshirts and hoodies are allowed in classrooms.  Hoods may not be worn during school hours. Writing and pictures must be appropriate--must not depict drug, alcohol, tobacco, sex or gangs.
  • If outwear is removed, what is underneath must meet dress code.
  • Blankets may not be worn as outerwear and must be placed in lockers during the school day.


  • No hats or bandannas.
  • Any hair accessories must not tie around the head and all graphics follow appropriate guidelines.


  • Shoes must have an outdoor sole, be closed toe and have a back.
  • No house shoes, slides or other shoes without backs.

Any clothing, hairstyles, accessories etc. that are found to be offensive, distracting to the educational environment, or health and safety will not be allowed.

Students out of dress code will be subject to disciplinary consequences.

School administration reserves the right to make final decisions on dress code issues.

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