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PLEASE COMPLETE THE ONLINE WAIVER FOR TBA COMP ON THE 14th. waiver Interscholastic Climbing League 2019-2020 PRACTICE SCHEDULE Practices are not mandatory. Make sure that you review the costs associated with climbing at High Point before attending. Downtown High Point Wednesday the 8th 3-6 Keep in mind that you must be certified at High Point to belay in order to participate the meets.

Meet Schedule (6 meets total, always on Saturdays) These are not mandatory. 10$ per meet

November 9- High Point at  Downtown------->Session #2: Check-in 12:30 pm | Climb 1 - 2:30 pm

December 7 - High Point at Riverside------>Session #1: Check-in 10 am | Climb 10:30-12 pm

December 14 - Tenn. Bouldering Authority in St. Elmo--->Session #2: Check-in 12:30 pm | Climb 1 - 2:30 pm

January 11 - High Point at Downtown--->Session #1: Check-in 10 am | Climb 10:30-12 pm

January 25 - Tennessee. Bouldering Authority--->Session #2: Check-in 12:30 pm | Climb 1 - 2:30 pm

February 1 - High Point at Riverside----->Session #3: Check-in 3 pm | Climb 3:30-5 pm


2019-2020 Interscholastic Climbing League Meet Expectations
 ● Climbers need to arrive 15-30 minutes before their assigned climbing session time
 ● Climbers check-in at the front desk and pay the meet entry fee of $10. Additional $3 at HP for rental gear if you don’t have your own.
 ● Climbers will receive an Outdoor Chattanooga Scorecard at the front desk from the host climbing gym.
 ● Outdoor Chattanooga scorecards are used at all meets to allow uniform scoring.
 ● Students put on gear and warm-up.
 ● Students participate in safety and meet orientation with coaches and gym staff 5 minutes before the session begins.
● Students combine 5 hardest routes/scores to obtain their total score.
● Turn scorecards into coaches when finished climbing. 


·  You do not have to be a gym member to participate in the league. Each gym has discount memberships for student climbers.  

·  BELAY REQUIREMENTS and TESTING:  All students must pass the BELAY TEST at a High Point location BEFORE the day of the first climbing meet.  The test is free and must be scheduled at the gym for your group.  If your belayer needs any instructions, it is a fail. Belay instruction at the gym is open to those with membership.  Outdoor Chattanooga will offer free team instruction on the 15th of October from 4 to 6 at Outdoor Chattanooga. All climbers must be able to safely and confidently belay each other, and demonstrate this in order to pass the test.  It is recommended to retake the test for a skills refresher; however, once tested at the gym it is noted and applies for both HP locations. Individuals can test, but is best as a group, which will be scheduled by Coach.

o Middle school climbers must have a backup belayer provided by your team (adult volunteer, coach) at all times at the meets.  



·  EFT Monthly ICL Membership for Riverside is $39.

·  EFT Monthly ICL Membership for Downtown/Multi-facility is $52.

·  Prepaid One Month for Riverside is $60.

·  Prepaid One Month for Downtown is $71.

·  If Riverside members would like to purchase a membership to Downtown as well, they can upgrade from Riverside to Downtown/Multi-facility.

·  If Riverside members would like to climb Downtown without upgrading their membership, they can purchase half price Day Passes.

·  Prepaid Annual ICL Membership for Riverside is $439 and Prepaid Annual for Downtown/Multi-facility is $519. 


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