All players need to have tennis shoes, a hat or sunscreen, and some water in their golf bag for all occasions. I have red bank shirts with collars you can borrow if you would prefer not to purchase one. Thursday 2nd- Mocassin Bend Driving Range 2:30-4:00 A basket of balls is $4.00. Buy your token or tokens in the clubhouse and meet on the range. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ May 6th- County Tournament @ Brainerd Golf Course (5303 Old Mission Road, Chattanooga) $5.00 green fees Girls will play 9 holes and Boys will play 18 holes. Girls will need to be at the course by 8:45 am for their tee times. Students are to come to school and then be dismissed/picked up and brought back if there is time left in the school day. Boys will need to be at the course by 1140 ready to play. You will not return to school due the time required to play 18 holes. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ If you have any other questions, please come see me, or email me (  I know that it may be easier to ask a friend, but if you want to make sure you are getting the correct answer, ask me!